Orthokeratology - Frequently Asked Questions
These are some of the most common question from those considering using Ortho-K technology.Of course, everyone's eyes are different so for more bespoke information please contact us.

Wake and See’s Myopia Control and Stabilization System (MCSS) eliminates the need for glasses and contact lenses all day without any surgery.

This micro-thin contact lens is essentially invisible and the patient cannot feel it.

Suitable for those whose prescription is between -0 .5 and -5.00. Wake and See’s MCSS is proven, effective and safe. Those with astigmatism up to -1.50 may also use the system.

Usually, in just two or three days wearers are able to manage without glasses or contact lenses for the entire day. Once your vision has stabilized and you are device free during your waking hours, regular and consistent overnight use of the shells is required to maintain perfect vision.

Wake and See’s MCSS shells need minimum maintenance and are replaced automatically on a regular basis. Spare shells are always on hand for the rare event of loss or breakage.

Wake and See’s MCSS is a culmination of merging technology between IT, computer controlled manufacture and NASA based polymer chemical research in space.

Orthokeratology, Orthok, CRT, IGO and Dreamlens are products that try to achieve spectacle or contact lens free daytime vision. None deliver this in the convenient package at a place of your choice.

Wake and See offers a 24-hour service via email or telephone directly to your qualified optometrist Wake and See MCSS specialist. Your practitioner is your first point of contact.

Our finance and dispatch department is also available via email or phone. Once you have embarked on the Wake and See program you will need no other type of vision correction at all. However some successful wearers enjoy switching between all modalities of correction. You are in control.

For more information check out our site www.wakeandsee.co.uk

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